N.I.D. Group

N.I.D. Group is a well established Ukrainian manufacturer of stylish Workwear & Uniforms.

Our wide selection of clothing, footwear and accessories are made using quality fabrics to ensure the added comfort and safety of workers in all sectors including Industrial Production, Construction, Healthcare, Customer Services, Retail, Hotels, Restaurants and Catering. In addition to this, we also produce a high quality range of clothing & footwear for hunting, fishing and recreation.

Modern Outlook

Manufacturer of corporate branded clothing NID Group is a Ukrainian manufacturer with a modern outlook at tailoring for work, home and recreation purposes. Our company is developing dynamically, with the help, experience and knowledge of key European partners. Our vision is to give our clients a successful, beautiful, professional & customer caring image.

N.I.D. Group Offers:

• A Personal services in the field of garment production;

• Uses the latest industrial sewing technology for sewing all types of fabrics and for corporate logo creation;

• Fast production and turnaround time on all orders;

• One stop shop. We handle everything from start to finish: drawing sketches, choosing fabrics, patterns cutting, production and plotting your Company logos;

• In house Fashion Designers.

• Flexible pricing policy

N.I.D. Group offers a wide range of service:

• Uniforms and Corporate Apparel for Restaurants, Hotels and Shops;

• Clothing for Promotions and Exhibitions

• Footwear

• Application of corporate logo’s & branding using embroidery & screen printing.

The Criteria & Quality of Our Work:

Safety, Comfort, Aesthetics This is the criteria by which we assess each garment, before presenting our findings to our Client. We know that making high-quality clothing is a complex and demanding task and so we concentrate our efforts in several key areas to achieve the desired result.


We are ready to develop a uniform range for Employees, as well as for Senior Management, Department Managers and Directors. We strive to ensure that the corporate identity of your Company is unique and recognizable. All clothes are designed to be comfortable and practical.


We manufacture all clothing using quality cotton and blended fabrics imported from Belgium, Holland, Russia, Poland.

We use advanced materials with different impregnation & coatings to provide high levels of dirt and water resistance, oil, chemical and abrasion resistance, low and high temperature resistant. All fabrics and materials are tested and certified.

Personalised Service

Each order is for us an event of special importance, to which we pay maximum attention. The choice of fabrics, patterns, colours are all focused on meeting customer requirements and multiplied on our professionalism.

Corporate Clothing

Corporate clothing is essential and in some cases, a mandatory attribute for a Company. N.I.D. is a successful Ukrainian company, which provides comfortable and beautiful clothes for work and leisure. We strongly believe that corporate clothing should not just be a means of discipline, but should also reflect the style of a company. We are greatly satisfied when a staff uniform designed for our customers allows them to become more visible, brighter and assists them in their business success.

Corporate clothing, as well high quality clothes for promotional and advertising purposes are our speciality. N.I.D. is capable of offering a full range of bespoke clothes for all scenarios. Our most popular products to date are promotional clothing and items for promotions and advertising campaigns, uniforms for waiters, medical and salon staff.